Under the Sun


This is a story of a perfect life in a perfect country. This is a story of how this perfect life is supplied with perfect young people. It shows how much effort the people of North Korea invest in keeping the perfect order. Every single Korean sacrifices his life for this cause. The film follows the process of the creation of the perfect world.
The protagonist, a daughter of perfect couple, is about to join the Children’s Union. Her parents work at perfect companies, live in a perfect apartment that is located in the centre of a perfect city. Soon she will become a part of a perfect society forever under the limelight of their leader’s figure. The film’s crew went twice to North Korea, and was constantly accompanied by various officials who tried to control the filming process. But the camera remained running also when the moment was not supposed to be filmed, which made for a unique material for a documentary.
The film received awards for best documentary at DocAviv Film festival in Israel, Hong Kong International Film Festival, Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, Millennium Docs Against Gravity, and Trieste International Film Festival.

Under the Sun