Signe Birkova’s experimental animation tells a story about a cowboy trying to navigate an urban landscape. The man’s journey to the city is interrupted by a brutal force. While he has lost his senses his consciousness is confronted by the unconscious in which, transformed into a black marionette, the cowboy lives though a painful process of redemption.
The film’s material consists of a 16mm film, plus fragments of Super-8 footage; the shooting process involved using the cameras ‘Bolex’, ‘Kranogorsk’ and ‘Nizo’ as well as natural materials such as salt, leather, ash, earth, various fluids, timber, minerals, fire, clay, wax, feathers, ‘fool’s gold’, crystals, shungite, butterflies, horns, a chicken’s leg, cosmic eruptions, urban and pastoral artefacts, and much more. No computer-generated effects were used in the film.