Adventure, Western LV 100'
DIR.: Matīss Kaža
PROD.: Dace Siatkovska, Zane Kalniņa, Una Celma
STATUS: early development
COMING: 01/03/2020
PROD. COMP.: Fenixfilm, Deep Sea Studios LV
LOOKING FOR: co-production, distribution, funding

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1881, Latvia. On the day of her arranged engagement, Eva (16) decides to flee the aristocratic manor where she grew up under the guardianship of the Baron. Miks, a Latvian farm boy, is asked to bring her back. Just as he’s about to convince Eva to return, an assassin makes an attempt on Eva’s life, but misses, shooting Miks in the shoulder and killing the only witness. Desperate, Eva takes the injured Miks with her and runs away. A government Investigator, a corrupt Sexton and a mysterious Hypnotist set out to retrieve the kids for different reasons. Eva finds out that she belongs to a royal lineage and her death could have dire political consequences throughout Europe. Unable to return to their previous lives, Eva and Miks join forces. Their friendship will be tested in a world which disregards humanity in favor of a strict class system.


MATĪSS KAŽA was born in 1995 in Stockholm, Sweden. He grew up in Riga, Latvia in a family of filmmakers and has been involved with filmmaking in different capacities since the age of 12. Matīss is about to finish his film education at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts in 2018. His first documentary feature One Ticket Please has been screened in several international film festivals and won the NewDoc award for Best Documentary Debut in Stockholm.


Fenixfilm is a production company based in Riga. They have been operating for more than 10 years and their track record includes several feature length documentaries and narrative films, some of which have been international co-productions with Sweden and the United States. Company’s goal is to create professional work that engages audiences both emotionally and intellectually, encouraging and valuing diversity and freedom of expression.