Seriously? How can you ask us to paint a picture of the closing event if we haven’t even opened the festival yet? OK! We’ll try… So we’ve somehow convinced these enigmatic and rare performers MAKE MAKE (yes, one of those “very Google friendly” names) to do a concert at the KKC for the occasion. It’s hard to describe their music, it’s very easy to listen to it. Both gentlemen in the duo derive their music from various influences – dance music to contemporary classical – and use different instruments and sound modulation techniques including a tape deck. Just recently #HENCHA wrote to us from Luxemburg – knowing him as a legendary dick jockey from Riga and that he’s now working with the CinEast Festival we’re most happy that he’s joining the line-up. On into the night we’ve invited one of the most energetic disc jockeys in Riga right now – Judzhen! See you ’till the morning!

DATE16 / 09 / 2017
VENUEKaņepes Kultūras centrs