ARTDOCFEST/RIGA round table: Baltic film. Traditionalism or integration.

ARTDOCFEST/RIGA round table: “Baltic film. Traditionalism or integration”

Television channel, which broadcasts in Russian worldwide including in the Baltics, will host a round table on a theme which is most relevant in this region: Baltic film. Traditionalism or integration. However, the organisers are certain that this issue is important to all European countries as it came into focus already before joining a united Europe. This topic is of major importance every time an author creates a new film. Must the author orient themselves only towards the minds in their own country, thus predictably narrowing their audience? Or must they be cosmopolitan, thus increasing their audience ten- or even one hundred- fold? This issue also becomes relevant when deciding on the support of projects with national foundation and ministry funds…

Moderated by the curator of ARTDOCFEST/RIGA programme and president of Artdocfest Vitaly Mansky.

DATE10 / 09 / 2017
VENUECafe Film Noir