This includes the International competition and the Baltic student short film programmes, the Baltic music video competition programme and... lots of parties! Because it makes no sense to watch a whole lot of incredible cinema and leave without having a chat about it afterwards. Look for the "S" sign (or is it a snake?) for adventure – cinematic, social and just fun!

The successful operator of a Kurdish teahouse in Iraq, Alan (Wrya Ahmed) is a little person with soulful eyes, cheekbones like Michelangelo’s David, and a brave heartful of pluck. He has his sights set on a pretty girl in his village and plans to build her the biggest house in town, where they can raise 10 children.

Because she has been alone for a really long time and there´s just noone else, she might as well live on the moon.

Erkin gets out of prison and wants to return to his former life. But everything has changed and he does not know if he can live as a free man.

Don Mariano travels by aeroplane and goes to dine at a prestigious restaurant which specialises in natural, quality red meat that is low in fat and cholesterol.

This is a moving tale about Raja, 17, and her brother Robis, 12, who are forced to live with their grandmother after the death of their father and the departure of their mother who has gone abroad in search of work. The grandmother wants to sell the country property their father used to own, but the situation takes a different course after the grandmother accidentally dies.

The story of the film is told through tales that are based around the myths, legends and old beliefs that are part of the Finnish mythology. The first-person narrator, who is the main character of the story, is the daughter of Ahti and Vellamo, the god and goddess of the sea. She is Ahitar, the maiden of water. This sea maiden is a spirit born in a spring who has her own tale in the Finnish mythology. There are five acts in the story, and the different times of year follow the different acts.