European Script Meeting is an event that seeks to facilitate creative partnership of professional screenwriters, film producers, directors and studios to discuss collaboration on new screenplays. For a wider attendance there are seminars, talks, and workshops on creating and developing screenplays for an international audience.

On October 22 – 23, 2016, for the 3rd time the meeting will bring together 7-10 selected screenwriters and 10-12 project representatives. It’s aim is to encourage new international partnerships among screenwriters, studio representatives with ideas already in development and individual creative film professionals who are looking for a writer.

The structure of the event is organized as individual one-on-one meetings but is not limited to it. To have a productive setting for shaping new ideas within their initial conception, networking, crossover meetings and participant brainstorming is encouraged regardless of the set meeting structure.

Each year, the programme is complemented with a set of seminars and workshops on screenwriting, and a creative location tour around Riga and its surrounding areas, as well as with a variety of networking events with project participants and other Riga IFF guests.


FRI 21 / 10 / 2016

SAT 22 / 10 / 2016

10:00 – 18:00
one-on-one meetings of creative representatives and screenwriting professionals,
Riga IFF Closing Event

SUN 23 / 10 / 2016

10:00 – 14:00
Seminar: Ian Long. Overlapping genres. Low-budget sci-fi

14:30 – 18:00
Workshop: Jimmy Karlsson. Script development methodology

10:00 – 14:00
Location study tour

MON 24 / 10 / 2016

Please find a full list of attendees here.

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Menotti (pen name of Roberto Marchionni) was born in Northern Italy a long time ago. He studied arts in Bologna (DAMS), semiotics in Berlin (TU) and filmmaking in New York (NYU). As a comic book artist he worked for Italian and international magazines, among which ‘Frigidaire’, ‘Comic Art’, ‘Il Manifesto’, ‘Cyborg’, ‘Mondo Naif’ and ‘Blue’. He created with Semerano the award-winning graphic novel ‘Europa’, published by Black Velvet. As a screenwriter he moved to Rome, where he wrote a number of TV series, starting with ‘Un posto al sole’, ‘Incantesimo’, ‘L’onore e il rispetto’, ‘La squadra’, ‘7 Vite’. Besides other short and feature films, he co-wrote ‘Lo chiamavano Jeeg Robot’, the first Italian superhero movie, nominated for best screenplay at the Nastri d’Argento and the David di Donatello Awards 2016.

Ian is a writer, teacher, script editor and story consultant whose recent writing projects include an epic animated feature based on Ariosto’s Orlando Furioso, slated for imminent production. He has worked as a consultant for the UK Film Council’s Premiere and New Cinema Funds, the First Film Foundation, the Script Factory and many other bodies and producers, and is currently writing a supernatural feature to be shot on location in Italy. Ian heads Euroscript’s Feedback and Consultancy services and teaches Genre workshops in Horror, Science Fiction and Thrillers with a special side order of Creating Fear in Cinema, as well as a course in Script Reading and Assessment.

Melanie Brugel, a screenwriter based in Munich and Berlin, studied directing and writing at the filmschool HFF in Munich and is a full time screenwriter, generally for German television, but has also collaborated with Austrian and Italian television networks. She writes mostly feature films, both comedy and drama, as well as having worked continuously on well known crime series. 

Hakan Lindhe started his career directing theatre and opera, only to move on to writing and directing award-winning productions for film and TV. In addition to this, he was one of the founders of the independent feature film production company Garagefilm International as well as Pocket Entertainment, a mobile TV channel with ambition to produce high quality content for smaller screens. Today, Hakan mainly works as a writer and director for film and TV, working as head writer on several major TV projects, writing feature film scripts and directing TV episodes for series such as 30 degrees in February – season 2 for Anagram/SVT.

Since 1996 Jimmy Karlsson works as a screenwriter and script consultant. He has also directed one feature film, A BREACH IN THE WALL 2003. JK has mostly written feature film scripts for Sweden and Finland, among them two selected for the Finnish Oscar entry; THE DISCIPLE 2013 and MOTHER OF MINE 2005, but also two TV-series. The latest produced TV-series was WHERE WE ONCE WALKED, 2011, based on the famous Finnish novel by Kjell Westö, which also became a feature film for theatrical release.
During the last couple of years JK has developed two original TV-series, still in development and financing, in collaboration with his colleague Kirsi Vikman. They are currently co-writing a new script for Finnish director Klaus Härö, who’s previous film THE FENCER had a Golden Globe nomination. JK was script consultant on that film, as well as many other feature films, among them the successful Swedish gangster movie EASY MONEY.
JK has also lectured and held workshops in screenwriting and directing. 2007 and 2008 J.K. was mentor at the European script lab Pygmalion Plus, responsible for developing children, youth and family feature film scripts.

Since 1995, Ursula has worked in a variety of positions involving screenplay and film production with numerous writers and directors, f.e. Michael Glawogger, Tony Pemberton, Kirill Serebrennikov, Nathalie Borgers, Christian Frosch, Bakhtiar Khodoynazarov, Nina Proll and Barbara Albert.
Several of the screenplays she developed received script awards in Milan, Ghent, Sabam and Vienna. For her screenwriting, Ursula was awarded the Carl Mayer New Talent Prize.
Being fluent in German, English and Russian, as a a line producer she has she has been responsible for a multitude of international co-productions shot in Russia, the USA, Tajikistan, and Niger, et al. Ursula has also taught dramaturgy, e.g. in the University of Applied Sciences for Film, TV and Media Production and at several training initiatives including Babylon Europe, as well as the ‘Cinematic and Entrepreneurial Motivation Award (CEMA)’ initiated by the UNIDO. The script development program DIVERSE GESCHICHTEN (DIVERSE STORIES) that she’s been running for six years, was nominated for the Austrian National Award for Adult Education. She has been member of several Juries, including the Project Commission of the Austrian Film Institute. She’s a member of the European Film Academy, board member of the Austrian Film Academy and FC Gloria (WIFT Austria) and National Coordinator for EAVE.

Greta Varts (b. 1986) is a freelance Estonian film critic, screenwriter and 1st assistant director. She has graduated from University of London with a BA in Cultural History and a BA and MA in Film Arts, specializing in Screenwriting from Baltic Film and Media School. She has worked on various Estonian films, TV-productions and international commercials both as 1st AD and a screenwriter. She also collaborates frequently with local newspapers and other editions as a film critic and works as a lecturer of Film Analysis and general Film Studies. Working both as a script editor and a screenwriter, her latest professional short film ‘Ice’ will be premiering this year and her first full feature screenplay, co-written with director Triin Ruumet, ‘The Days That Confused’ (2016) won Jury Special Mention at Karlovy Vary.

Kimmo Rantila is a scriptwriter, director, script consultant, and also poet. Kimmo used to work a number of years for YLE, the Finnish puclic television as a reporter, newscaster, producer and director. He studied in the Helsinki University, the Critical University of Helsinki and the Finnish Theatre Academy. Being fluent in Finnish and English, he has written screenplays in both languages, ranging from romantic comedy set in a beauty pageant to suicide drama dealing with icefishing. He has also adapted one novel to a screenplay. Lately he has also written and directed short films. Right now he is translating a play by Bertolt Brecht, hoping to direct it on stage next year. He is also writing a libretto for an opera based on the life of Saint Columba.

Linda May is primarily a screenplay writer. She has collaborated on several features and shorts with directors and other writers, as well as working as a sole writer. Most of her films have won and/or been nominated for a number of awards in Norway and internationally. She also works on projects for television, both drama and documentary. On documentary projects she also directs, and she has tried her hand on producing smaller productions. Linda May works as a freelance and collaborates with various production companies. She is based in Oslo, Norway, but is free to travel. Being originally from the USA, she writes in English as well as Norwegian.